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Radical Gay Family Agenda 7/11/11

In order for people to make educated conclusions, they must be exposed to all sides of the equation. It is important that people separate fact from opinion. People can make up opinions but they can not make up facts.

Here are a ten facts that people CAN NOT change no matter how hard they try:


1 – I am a father.

2 – I have a daughter.

3 – I am legally married to Jeff in the state of California. (Today is our 3rd wedding anniversary by the way.)

4 – Jeff and I have been in a committed relationship since 1996.

5 – I am human.

6 – My daughter is loved.

7 – My daughter is healthy.

8 – I have a family.

9 – I was born gay.

10 – I pay taxes.

Here are ten opinions (delusions) of people that CAN be changed:


1 – Marriage is solely for procreation.

2 – People choose to be gay.

3 – God Hates Fags.

4 – The Bible says it is wrong to be gay.

5 – LGBT people can not raise healthy children.

6 – Marriage equality will destroy the sanctity of marriage.

7 – Marriage equality will destroy society.

8 – Men are not capable of taking care of a baby.

9 – Children need a mother and a father.

10 – There is a radical gay agenda.

Today I challenge people to separate their opinions from fact. I am still looking for proof that my family has caused harm to anyone in the world by living our lives. I am proud of our radical gay family agenda and am very proud of my family.

Now, on a more serious note….

We are getting ready to leave for our European family vacation. My daughter keeps telling everyone we are going to Italy, Grease, and Chicken even though we are actually going to Italy, Greece, and Turkey. I love her interpretation of reality. We hope to spread our radical gay agenda far and wide as we set sail to explore foreign lands. Keep us in your thoughts as you watch the increase of the international divorce rate. We know our radical gay family agenda of exploring ancient cities, riding donkeys, splashing in the pool on deck 12, enjoying native foods, learning different cultures, and spending time together will be the cause of foreign family destruction. When you see the fighting in Greece, know we are probably the cause.

I look forward to updating everyone on our progress but will be sparse in my blog posts over the next couple weeks. Everyone stay radical!

We need FULL marriage equality in the U.S.

FULL Marriage Equality

Radical Gay Family Agenda 6/25/11

Today I woke up feeling a little more equal. New York passed marriage equality last night and Governor Cuomo signed it into law. July 24th, people like us, can start getting married in New York. Our radical gay family agenda just got a MAJOR boost! Can you imagine how many heterosexual families will be effected by this major change in the law. I just know that all those caring, loving, radical couples will destroy the sanctity of marriage just like all the folks in Iowa, Vermont, New Hampshire, Connecticut, and Massachusetts have been doing. Haven’t you been hearing about all the heterosexual marriages that have fallen apart by our loving unions? Haven’t you heard about all the heterosexuals who have been denied a marriage license because the gay couples have taken all of them? Haven’t you heard about the areas across the nation where giant holes have opened up to swallow innocent children because of marriage equality? I know the country is falling apart from our radical gay family agenda….I am still looking for the proof.

Today my family is all abuzz getting the house and yard in order. It is supposed to be a surprise but I am on to the party that is being planned for my birthday. I don’t think my husband and Gregory would have a dozen bottles of liquor set out on the counter for a family dinner! At least, I hope not. Jeff is even cleaning things and running errands (completely suspicious)! I do not know all the details but am looking forward to celebrating with some radical gay friends this afternoon.

Our daughter is splashing about in the pool today while Jeff and Gregory are hard at work. I am taking it easy and watching her play. I am getting ready to throw together a PB&J lunch for her to enjoy outside. She loves a backyard picnic. I don’t have to worry about cooking dinner tonight but am concerned about the depth of conversation I will have to muster up to convince all my friends to enlist in our radical gay agenda. My thoughts are they already have an agenda of their own but I will make sure they join our radical gay family agenda in order to be more successful. We could join forces with New York and have a HUGE radical gay army! We could call ourselves the Stonewall Sanctity Stoppers. BE ALL YOU CAN BE!

Great interview by Kyra Phillips


I applaud Kyra for stating the FACTS and asking the right questions.

Radical Gay Family Agenda 6/18/11

It is a nice, quiet Saturday morning at the Starling-Littlefield home. Mi Hao Kai Lan is yapping on the television and we have already watched George of the Jungle 2. The first version with Brendan Fraser was much more appealing. Jeff just went to get his hair cut and we are awaiting his return so we can spend some family time by the pool today. Our daughter is searching the house for her Dora goggles and has already picked out her Hello Kitty bikini for the day’s festivities. I hope she finds the goggles soon or we may have a serious meltdown.

Our radical gay family agenda for the day is all about family time and relaxation. It must seem foreign for most people to consider frolicking by the pool with their child for an afternoon. I know it is extremely radical and gay for us to swim, float, and enjoy the sun. I’m positive our activities today are sure to sabotage several marriages in Iowa or Illinois.

Jeff and I have a wedding to attend this afternoon. This poor, young couple has no idea how easily our attendance could obliterate their marriage. They could be doomed from the start by inviting us to witness their union. How can our close friends not know how our radical gay agenda will affect them? Their family must have felt some discomfort over the last fifteen years of knowing us. How have they escaped our destruction for so long. We have known the bride since she was a child. It baffles me how she even has the guts to walk down the aisle knowing we will be there. Maybe they will escape our wrath and have a long and happy marriage like us. We will withhold thrusting our agenda upon them to wish them much happiness and love.

The happy couple will be excluded from our radical gay agenda for the day but we have many wedding guests to inflict our harm upon. As we sip champagne and toast the lucky couple, we will willfully cast our spell upon the wedding guests and expect to see divorce decrees in the near future. I wonder if any of these unsuspecting people will have any idea that “the only gays in the village” will be the cause of their demise. We will remain under the radar so our agenda is not foiled. We have to stay radical in order to prove those crazy politicians and religious leaders correct. What kind of platform would these people have if they were resolute in the fact that we were just like them? Now that, my friends, would be radical and GAY!