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Every Child Deserves a Family

Radical Gay Family Agenda 5/10/11

My daughter woke up today with red, sore ears from wearing earrings that are not real gold. Imagine that, a child of mine MUST have the most expensive earrings or they make her break out. I will have to break out the Ear Magic and get that problem cleared up. It also looks like I will be spending some cash today to buy her some new gold earrings. I hope Gucci takes coupons.

Packing up a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, carrot chips, raisins, and a juice box today. I like to add a colorful Tinkerbell or Hello Kitty napkin to dress it up a bit! No gay dad in his right mind would send their child off to school with a plain white napkin. Then it’s off to school for a full day of Montessori education until music class and piano lessons this afternoon.

Music and piano are a MUST for our daughter. How else is she going to be able to interpret Lady GaGa and her sinister plan to destroy the world? My daughter can already recite the words to “Born This Way”. You better bet she has had early teachings about acceptance and love. She knows to accept EVERYONE for who they are and to never judge. She also knows that it is not kind to say bad things about people or make fun of those who may look and act differently than she. She is even being taught to love and respect everyone regardless of their religious or political views that do not accept her family as equals. This is how we destroy America, by teaching our child all these horrible things such as love, acceptance, respect, honor, dignity, peace, and empathy. How evil are we?

Our afternoon plans include a dinner date with another “radical” family. We chose a kid-friendly restaurant with a playground so we can keep the children occupied in hopes of having at least one adult conversation. You see, this family is headed by two moms and we have to devise a sinister plan to continue our path of destruction. I’m sure these women are full of evil thoughts I have never imagined, for they have three children and are way more experienced in destroying the sanctity of marriage than I.

Schwarzenegger and Shriver Separate

Schwarzenegger and Shriver Separate – I guess our radical gay family agenda to destroy the sanctity of marriage must have rubbed off on them? Was it my fault? They must have read about the bleaching trays in my bag and conceded before the horror of seeing my smile.

Drama Queen, Radical Child

My daughter is such a drama queen! This is what happens when you grow up in a “radical gay family”, I guess.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Radical Gay Family Agenda 5/7/11

I got to sleep in late today, a luxury for us parents. No oatmeal to be made, no child to dress, no lunch to pack, and no freakin’ Dora The Explorer! My daughter is having a great time with one of her favorite friends this weekend. I’m sure they are planning to go have manicures and pedicures at some point today. All that gay training makes her prissy. She always gets spoiled when she stays with her friend. I can’t wait to talk to her later and hear about her day. I hope she picks passion pink and not some bright red color for her nails. I miss her every minute.

I get to spend a relaxing day shopping in Atlanta. I rarely shop for myself. My daughter is my priority and my shopping adventures are usually to look for the latest Hello Kitty dresses and stylish shoes for her. I can’t believe how quickly she grows. I try to make sure she is a fashion diva. After all, that IS what radical gay families do! We destroy families from within by dressing our children better than others and sending their classmates home crying to their momma that they are not good enough.

We may visit with some friends and enjoy a nice quiet dinner later. A night on the town is in order for this evening since we rarely get to go out. Beware, midtown Atlanta, there are gay people here to take over your neighborhood!