Radical Gay Family Agenda 10/26/2011

I’m sorry I have been absent from the blog for so long. Our radical gay family agenda has had me hopping. Kindergarten is in full force for our daughter and ballet, tap, jazz, tumbling, and musical theater classes have consumed all our free time. The daddies are so proud of our little “Broadway prodigy”. PB&Js are still being slapped together each morning and our path to the destruction of marriage is forging onward. See our recent story that made national headlines yesterday:


Have a happy Halloween. I hope all your little goblins spread our gay agenda from door to door this weekend!


2 responses to “Radical Gay Family Agenda 10/26/2011

  1. Jennifer Lockett

    Wow! Think of all the hetero marriages you shattered simply by appearing on television! I bet all these housewives were just hanging around and suddenly realized that they could have a lesbian marriage in D.C. Score!

    In all seriousness, what a wonderful story. You guys are so brave putting yourselves fully out there and standing up for the rights of family – yep, families… all of them. It takes so much courage. I hope you all realize how impactful your story is.

    • Thank you, Jennifer. I think many heterosexuals would take the same stand for their children if they were not recognized as legal parents by the federal government. I am only trying to protect my family and stand up for those families who do not have a national platform…one PB&J at a time!

      Thank you,

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