Heterosexual Agenda

Turns out there IS a Heterosexual Agenda:



7 responses to “Heterosexual Agenda

  1. Jennifer Lockett

    Wait a minute… why don’t I get the newsletter here?

    So many things in this are disturbing and the reasoning is ‘problematic’ at best. The notion that people don’t currently manipulate “normal” (whatever that is) marriage and apparently only “the gays” would do that is preposterous at best. I’ve seen people marry for: money, status, titles, political alliance (anyone who has looked at history as seen this), genetics, security, to piss off their parents, citizenship, healthcare benefits, work ‘perks’ (e.g. spouse works for a university that provide tuition remission to families), tax breaks, green cards, and more.
    The notion that it’s ‘for the children’ is ridiculous. Gay rights and marriage will no more impact the legal status of children (child support, visitation, etc) than allowing inter-racial marriage. We have determined by a matter of law that there are elements other than biology that determine parentage – adoptive parents have legal rights/responsibilities to their children equal to (and sometimes trumping) biological parents. Heck, in some states a man cannot remove his responsibilities as ‘father of a child’ even if it is later proven that he is not the biological father.
    The children/marriage argument is also preposterous as I’m fairly certain we allow men who have had vasectomies to marry, likewise women who have had hysterectomies, as well as those well past child-bearing age. Also, we do not allow in this society (as others do) ‘bareness’ as a grounds for divorce – procreation is not the definition of marriage.
    And why do people always associate homosexuality with swinging and polyamory? I know a heck of a lot of heterosexual couples who engage in those relationships. Marriage will remain a contract between two people. I mean, I realize that heterosexual men never, ever, ever step outside of their marriage (except for Newt who was just so patriotic it was to be expected – what a sacrifice).
    The notion that marriage is a universal historical reality is so horrifically wrong I don’t know what to do or say… there are cultures that do not have a marriage institution, those that practice polygamy, polyandry, polygyny, serial monogamy, semi-open marriages, concubines, and more. Heck, one need only look at the Old Testament to see marriage defined as between one more and his 700 foxy other wives and concubines. Heck, Paul even says it can occur between a father and his daughter (if she reaches reproductive age and a father cannot resist having a sexual relationship with her). Marriage is how a society defines it.
    I honestly get so lost on this argument. It doesn’t hurt my marriage at all if same-sex couples get married. If I or my husband decide that now that we have the ‘option’ for a same-sex marriage then, well, I suspect that would have been a pretty deep-rooted issue in our marriage.

    • I think we could be great friends if we lived closer. Maybe we will have an opportunity to cross paths some day. I appreciate your wonderful support and comments.
      Thank you,

      • Jennifer Lockett

        Well, I assume that after your agenda shatters my marriage and converts me to homosexuality that we’ll meet at the agenda meetings 😉

        I love the blog and I think it’s so important in showing people that family isn’t about biology, it’s about creating a loving, loyal, and happy environment. We do ‘choose’ our family in that we choose our mates. Some of us adopt children, some of us are in blended families, some of us are in our biological family of origin. However, the true meaning of ‘family’ is what you create in your home. I also think it’s important to show people that ‘gay families’ are not all leather parties and Barbara Streisand marathons – they’re just as boring as ‘straight families.’ Then again, we aren’t taking any European adventures this summer! Have a wonderful trip.

  2. Jennifer Lockett

    Also… ‘homosexual marriage cannot be consummated.’ Someone didn’t pay attention in health class.

  3. I was unaware that keyboards were also ergonomically designed for simian digits.

    Seriously though, it’s hard to take opinions like this blogger very seriously, because he/she is so blindsided about the issue that he/she will never be able to even listen to the other side of the argument, let alone consider it. I just hope the majority of the human population has a more evolved mindset.

  4. ummm I don’t even know where to begin, I guess I should start by closing my heterosexual mouth which happens to be on the floor at the moment!
    I began to read the blog with an open mind, but I stayed on the first paragraph That marriage is only to ensure the continuation of the human race? “Honey guess what we are supposed to be having babies I exclaimed” On to the “first consequence” what “special protections” for children is this blog referring to? That a “parent” will love and support their child both emotionally and financially? okay… check check. News to me that ONLY a marriage consisting of a man and woman can effectively do this.. “Children will grow up without Fathers?” umm doesn’t that happen statistically more in to use his words “real marriages?” I am saddened that there are still so many CLOSED minded people in this that is 2011! I knew it was true, after all I do live in NE Arkansas and happen to have a LGBT Teen who is my HERO especially after reading this and seeing it in writing, the bigotry and intolerance that she, my dearest friends and those friends I have yet to meet, face daily. Equality that is my mission… Change one mind, one heart and TOGETHER it can be done! #onelove

  5. Tommy – I love the procreation argument – makes me laugh hard.
    (http://www.overpopulation.org/index.html) Yes we actully have an overpopulation problem. Then of course there are all the kids currently in the foster care system and abandoned worldwide. Very Sad! There were parts of that website that I thought were maybe satire??? But for the most part it left me feeling like I needed a shower. Ignorance and bigotry such an ugly combination. – Sallie

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