Daily Archives: July 8, 2011

Radical Gay Family Agenda 7/8/11

From the mouths of babes….The comments my daughter sometimes makes in public can be both astonishing and embarrassing. Like today, when she loudly exclaimed to the nice waitress at T.G.I.Friday that she had a sick lu lu. My daughter has been swimming a lot lately. Her bathing suit has rubbed her private area and caused a bit of irritation….hence the sick lu lu. What do you do? I just smiled and ordered a California Club and side salad, hold the onions.

Our radical gay family agenda today started out like it typically does. Jeff got up early this morning to get ready for work. He prepared my daughter’s oatmeal since we were out of the healthy organic cereal she has learned to prepare herself. She watched an episode of Backyardigans while Gregory and I got dressed. I started the endless cycle of laundry washing and put a load of clothes on the bed for someone to fold. I keep waiting for the laundry fairy to magically appear and take care of it for me.

I made a doctor’s appointment first thing this morning to have her lu lu checked. We wanted to make sure there was nothing serious going on that would cause issues while we are on our European trip the next couple weeks. While on the phone making an appointment, she started crying and screaming, “please don’t take me to the doctor, I don’t want to get a shot.” I had to calm her and let her know she was not going to get a shot, the doctor was simply going to look at her to see if she needed any medication. The last appointment was her series of shots that she remembers oh too well. She was a good sport for the doctor today pointing out her area of concern. We were relieved to know she just had a simple irritation from her bathing suit. All is well with the lu lu, ya’ll!

I had a conference call for work and am trying to get a lot of work crammed into the next few days so I can relax on our vacation. Jeff is also hard at work and Gregory is entertaining the princess with a movie.

I am undecided about dinner this evening. I hope someone figures out our meal soon, I do not want to have to make another decision today! Why is it so difficult to come up with dinner choices each night? I know that whatever we decide to eat, the conversation will be full of political rhetoric. Our radical gay agenda is going overseas soon and we have to figure out a plan of action.