Radical Gay Family Agenda 7/6/11

Our radical gay family agenda was just uncovered at the CVS! While at the check-out counter, my daughter was begging for some candy and kissing my arm. The clerk behind the counter said, “You love your dad, don’t you?” My daughter replied, “Yes, but HE is at work. THIS is my daddy. I also have 2 grandpas and 2 grandmas. My grandma Myrtle and grandpa Tom live in my heart.” The clerk seemed very confused. I said, “she does not have a mom, she has 2 dads. Her grandparents on her dad’s side have passed away.” I paid the bill and we left. I think my daughter knew a little bit about what transpired since she looked up at me and exclaimed, “That was fun!” She did not get the candy she was begging for but I appreciated the love and kisses. We just had a perfect report from her dental check up, we can’t afford to start the trail to cavities now.

We met Jeff for lunch, bought a new trashcan for the kitchen, loaded up on allergy medicines and Dora Band-Aids for our trip abroad, and are now ready to spend an hour or so in the pool. My daughter is out of school camp this week. I am doing everything within my power to keep her entertained and exhausted since she seems to be returning the favor. I am looking forward to getting away for a couple of weeks with two matriarchs to keep the little princess entertained. I know she will end up spoiled beyond repair but Jeff, Gregory, and I look forward to our little breaks at night on the cruise. Adult beverages and conversation are in desperate demand.

I think a Fresh Market visit is in order this afternoon for dinner. I am loving their roasted chicken and pasta salads. We have to save time to discuss what type of retaliation we may have to endure from unleashing our radical gay agenda on the CVS clerk today. Thank goodness I did not have a CVS card or they might be able to track us down and send out an ex-gay group to try to convert us. I don’t trust all those VIP cards. Who has enough key-chain space to hold all those little plastic things anyway? I think all those cards are part of the heterosexual agenda. If WE have an agenda then THEY must have one too!

5 responses to “Radical Gay Family Agenda 7/6/11

  1. tjefflittlefield

    How sweet is our daughter! She deserves a little bit of candy for her expert explanation of our complex family to the CVS clerk. Reminds me when she had a melt down while shopping with me in the Piggly Wiggly and she screamed “I want my Daddy!” People looked very suspiciously at me because they didn’t know I was her “Dad” not her “Daddy.” Yikes. Love that girl and you!

  2. This made me smile, giggle, laugh, take a deep breath (in anticipation), nearly cry, and anxious to share with my gf all at once. Well, mostly the first paragraph. That is just too sweet. And I guess a little confusing for the clerk? 🙂

  3. This is EPIC! You both have done well! as shown by her explanations.. I too had tears in my eyes w/ the explanation of her grand parents “living in her heart” Bless her heart she seems to be one AMAZING little girl! I wonder if the clerk went straight (no pun intended) to the employee break room to call a divorce attorney?
    Love and Prayers
    -Dana 😉

  4. Jennifer Lockett

    Okay, one question – how did you guys decide who got to be ‘dad’ and who got to be ‘daddy’? It seems like that decision could be more volatile than which grandma gets to be ‘nanna’.
    I’m actually being serious. Was it just an evolution over time that you daughter elected or did you guys make a conscious decision?

    Love the story by the way. Very touching. 🙂

    • I always wanted to be called Daddy and Jeff always wanted to be called Dad. I am also younger, so Daddy made more sense for me. We taught her what to call us from birth. Now, she can spell Daddy and Dad!

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