Radical Gay Family Agenda 6/25/11

Today I woke up feeling a little more equal. New York passed marriage equality last night and Governor Cuomo signed it into law. July 24th, people like us, can start getting married in New York. Our radical gay family agenda just got a MAJOR boost! Can you imagine how many heterosexual families will be effected by this major change in the law. I just know that all those caring, loving, radical couples will destroy the sanctity of marriage just like all the folks in Iowa, Vermont, New Hampshire, Connecticut, and Massachusetts have been doing. Haven’t you been hearing about all the heterosexual marriages that have fallen apart by our loving unions? Haven’t you heard about all the heterosexuals who have been denied a marriage license because the gay couples have taken all of them? Haven’t you heard about the areas across the nation where giant holes have opened up to swallow innocent children because of marriage equality? I know the country is falling apart from our radical gay family agenda….I am still looking for the proof.

Today my family is all abuzz getting the house and yard in order. It is supposed to be a surprise but I am on to the party that is being planned for my birthday. I don’t think my husband and Gregory would have a dozen bottles of liquor set out on the counter for a family dinner! At least, I hope not. Jeff is even cleaning things and running errands (completely suspicious)! I do not know all the details but am looking forward to celebrating with some radical gay friends this afternoon.

Our daughter is splashing about in the pool today while Jeff and Gregory are hard at work. I am taking it easy and watching her play. I am getting ready to throw together a PB&J lunch for her to enjoy outside. She loves a backyard picnic. I don’t have to worry about cooking dinner tonight but am concerned about the depth of conversation I will have to muster up to convince all my friends to enlist in our radical gay agenda. My thoughts are they already have an agenda of their own but I will make sure they join our radical gay family agenda in order to be more successful. We could join forces with New York and have a HUGE radical gay army! We could call ourselves the Stonewall Sanctity Stoppers. BE ALL YOU CAN BE!


One response to “Radical Gay Family Agenda 6/25/11

  1. Happy Birthday Tommy! Wow you will remember this one forever what a historic day for Equality! I watched the Senate live feed and was wiping away tears when it all went down. Carrie Bradshaw would have been proud, I know I sure was. What a great day for America and now on to MN and defeating the bill we have before us in 2012. Best Wishes for your special day. – Sallie

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