Radical Gay Family Agenda 6/23/11

Our extremely popular, massively interesting, extensively unusual radical gay  family agenda has been so exhausting lately that I have not had enough time to complete my blog entries. My company just landed a really large line that is taking up a lot of my time. Additionally, I am working closely with an illustrator to complete my first children’s book, am attending a large number of board meetings for my community service, and am schlepping my child from summer camp to play-dates regularly. I barely have time to get my daughter’s clothing together for school, pack lunches, help my daughter with her bath and brushing of her teeth, tucking her into bed at night, and spending time with my family. Isn’t summer supposed to be the time of year that everything slows down? I guess having a radical gay family agenda makes life so busy. How do the Joneses do it?

This morning was typical. We were racing against the clock to get my daughter fed and dressed for school camp. She decided to move in slow motion this morning. Does anyone else have a 4 year-old that ignores them when you ask them to do something? Maybe it is just her radical gay upbringing that makes her stare off into the blue when we ask her to put her Fruit Loops down for 5 seconds and step into her shorts! And why is it that when we pick out a pair of shoes that she does not want to wear, that they are  too tight or hurt her feet? They fit just fine yesterday! Little diva is so radical. I’m sure no one else has to deal with such issues. The downfalls of being radical and gay are that we sometimes have to deal with demon spawn.

I am working frantically to complete a report for work before I have to rush off to carpool. I guess my entire day today will be working against the clock. As I look out the window at the pool that is calling my name, I have to realize that keeping up with our radical gay family agenda is sometimes more important than ME time. Well, maybe a little dip wouldn’t hurt. There is always tomorrow to destroy the sanctity of marriage! What would the Joneses do? WWJD


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