Radical Gay Agenda 6/20/11

Our radical gay agenda started off with a bang this morning. Our daughter woke up happy and ate her oatmeal without drama. Little Bear was hopping around on the television while my daughter got dressed in her cute little flamingo-themed short set. In a Wizard of Oz lunch box, I packed a nice meal for my daughter consisting of two PB&J Uncrustables, an apple, pretzels, raisins and apple juice. I brushed her hair and pulled it back into a ponytail while she brushed her teeth. Jeff rushed her into the Jeep and shuttled her off to school camp. SCORE! Two points for getting her off to camp without incident or tantrums of temper! Can you believe how radical we are?

I am working on forms for dance, gymnastics, Tae Kwon Do, piano, and voice lessons for the Fall season. We have to narrow down the choices since it is almost impossible to follow that many schedules. Not to mention, she would be worn out from so many activities. Right now, she has asked to attend dance, gymnastics, and Tae Kwon Do. We really want her to continue piano. Luckily, dance and gymnastics are located in the same building. We want to enrich her life with activities but are having a hard time fitting all the choices into our radical gay family agenda. Maybe we will drop the voice lessons and wait until next year to hear her cut a record. Our Little Madonna aspirations will have to wait. We will have to settle with a little Mary Lou Retton, a mini J. Lo, and tiny Uma Thurman (a la Kill Bill).

I have two meetings today and lots of work to complete to get ready for an out-of-town meeting tomorrow. I have to take another trip for work and spend a night away from my family. I’m starting to live for the weekends again. Jeff is hard at work today and Gregory has a day off. Maybe some of the laundry will magically wash on its own.

I think we will grill pork chops tonight for dinner. I will boil some gay-tainted Nebraska corn on the cob to accompany “the other white meat”. We look forward to discussing the demise of “natural” unions and how far-reaching our radical gay agenda must become to be considered successful. Would it be acceptable to consider Bora Bora as the benchmark for world domination? I really hope so because I have been wanting to visit there…just to see how well we are doing. Honey, let’s plan a trip to make sure our radical gay family agenda is working! I DO have a birthday coming up and that would be a nice gift. HINT, HINT!


One response to “Radical Gay Agenda 6/20/11

  1. wow. your radical gay family sure does some radically gay stuff. like making breakfast and waiting for the laundry to wash itself. you guys are nuts.

    my radical transgender partner and i may not want kids of our own, but we do take great care of our radical transgender cat. we consider ourselves to be a legitimate family and we even have a radical transgender agenda!

    “radical transgender agenda” has such a splendid ring to it, doesn’t it?

    our radical transgender agenda includes playing with our cat, growing tomatoes in the backyard, and buying groceries. oh, we are devious!

    lol. you’re just TOO awesome. i’m subscribing.

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