Radical Gay Family Agenda 6/19/11

Today is our special day. Father’s Day has so much more meaning when you are actually a father. Jeff and I spent the majority of our lives thinking we would never know the joys of parenthood. We are honored and grateful for the opportunity to be daddies. We send a very special THANK YOU to Stefanie, our surrogate and angel. Thank you for helping make our wish come true and thank you for creating a special reason to celebrate Father’s Day. I, again, refer to the poem we wrote that is proudly displayed on the wall in our daughter’s room:

Your daddies had a dream…

and along came you.

You are living proof…

our fairytale came true.

Our radical gay family agenda started with our daughter making us a pancake breakfast thanks to the thoughtful planning of our dear friend Lynda. She was so excited to add all the ingredients together and whisk away. We had to make a second batch when she chose to squeeze an egg into the mix. Do you know how difficult it is to extract tiny pieces of egg shell from pancake mixture? You pick your battles. We dumped the first batch. She is allergic to eggs, so she kind of freaked out about the “yucky egg juice” getting all over her hands. She is such an adorable mess!

Father's Day Breakfast Pancakes

After breakfast, our daughter put on a wonderful Father’s Day performance for us. We were invited upstairs to witness her “orchestra” performance. We arrived to a small table filled with maracas, a tambourine, and a guitar. She gave us each a “ticket”, dimmed the lights, were told not to enter the “backstage area”, and were asked to sit and wait for her to start. She was very meticulous playing one instrument at a time in her own little sequence. Once her song was complete she took a bow and awaited our applause. We quickly asked for an encore and were entertained with a few of her favorite songs.  She does a wonderful rendition of Grand Old Flag and Somewhere Over The Rainbow. You know she HAS to be good with the latter being that her dads are “friends of Dorothy”!

Our radical gay agenda today consists of family time and celebration. We plan to spend a little time by the pool and relaxing. We also hope to have an afternoon performance by our daughter. She promised to perform her favorite Lady GaGa song this afternoon if we were good. I have no idea what “being good” means for her but I am sure it includes dismantling someones marriage. Maybe our agenda will reach people Somewhere Over The Rainbow and our daughter’s angelic rendition of that song will unearth our “pot of gold”. That “pot of gold” being the destruction of the sanctity of marriage. I will pray for rain followed immediately by sunshine.


5 responses to “Radical Gay Family Agenda 6/19/11

  1. I’ve just discovered your blog and wanted to stop in and say hello. Happy Father’s Day to you both!

  2. Jeff and Tommy – Happy Fathers Day to two of the most wonderful dads I know. What a lucky little girl to be so loved, wanted and cherished. My best wishes to you all. – Sallie

  3. I wanted to wish both you and Jeff a Wonderful Father’s Day !

    Although I do not know you personally I want to thank you for sharing your lives in this blog. I believe it will give other parents gay or straight a look into the hearts of parents who also feel truly BLESSED to be parents..

    Love and Prayers

  4. Happy Father’s Day to both of you! I ❤ you guys!!

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