Radical Gay Family Agenda 6/9/11

The morning started off in a really radical way today. My daughter did not wake up as early as usual and was coaxed into eating and dressing quickly by Gregory. He promised to take her to school in his new convertible if she would hurry. I don’t think we have ever seen her move so quickly. She loves to ride in his car with the “lid open”. I love to see her giant grin as the top opens and drops back into the trunk. She thinks she cast a magic spell that makes it all work.

The air conditioning people were here at 8:15 to repair our upstairs unit. You can’t live near the beach without air conditioning. I bet the service man had no idea of the radical gay agenda he walked in on today. I’m sure that somewhere between filling the unit with freon and dusting the coils his marriage started to crack. I’m pretty confident that by close of business today his life will be destroyed due to being in our presence. As long as I get to stay cool, I’m not really worried about his marital demise. I did offer him a nice cold bottle of water. Maybe he will forgive me.

My daughter has been in art camp all week at school. I can’t wait to see what cute projects she completes. I love art and am so happy she does too. I understand they are learning about the radical designs of Georgia O’Keeffe this week. I hope my daughter has the inspiration to paint a really nice flower for her daddies.

I have a board meeting tonight with the non-profit group I support that helps provide medication, medical services, testing, education, and community outreach for people concerned about HIV/AIDS. We are working hard to raise funds to make up for what the government has taken away from the organization. I guess it is another radical gay agenda conspiracy to want to help my community. I will stay radical in that aspect and continue to fight for the health and well-being of those in need.

I will have to skip dinner with the family tonight in order to attend my board meeting. I hope my daughter discusses her day and how her time spent with finger paints and crayons has caused disruption to a family in Alaska.


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