Radical Gay Family Agenda 6/8/11

I had a really busy day yesterday with work. I left home at 7:00am and did not return until 8:30pm. I guess it is really radical that we have to work for a living. I’m sure that is something most people do not have to deal with. This radical gay agenda is just not fair. At least I have a job I love and get to meet really great people. I just wish I had the nerve to tell those wonderful people that I have a hidden radical gay agenda to destroy their families. I’m sure they would never expect such things from me. Most of the folks I am associated with professionally have known me for the last 20 years. I keep waiting for my agenda to ruin them but it is taking an awfully long time. I guess I need to try harder.

My daughter was dragging this morning. It was all we could do to get her to eat her oatmeal and get dressed. We even coaxed her with the fine talents of Little Bill on the television. She was more interested in Little Bill’s lesson on sharing than putting on her cute little skirt and tank top. Jeff had her PB & J all packed and ready to go and was waiting for me to help her brush her teeth and comb out her hair. I think she may have been a few minutes late for school summer camp but we will get over it. I am a stickler for being on time and am trying to teach her the radical values of sticking to a schedule and being responsible for showing up on time. Isn’t that disturbing?

I think my agenda today will include some ME time. I know I am stretching it to expect time for myself but I am radical. The pool is calling my name today and my body is in desperate need of some natural vitamin D from the sun. I hope to relax for at least 15 minutes before I have to get in carpool and pick up my daughter from school. Maybe I will get lucky and she will want to go swimming this afternoon and I can continue my period of rest. Oh wait, I don’t get to rest when she is in the pool. She is still learning to swim. Do other parents worry about their children around water or is that another form of our radical gay agenda? I reserve the right to worry, regardless.

I am looking forward to a nice dinner with my family tonight. The conversation is sure to include future plots for destroying the fabric of America. If you know anyone in Oregon, you may want to warn them that we made a PB & J today and it could possibly bring their marriage to an end.


One response to “Radical Gay Family Agenda 6/8/11

  1. Well from the looks of my FB newsfeed the radical agenda has made it to NW Arkansas! Guess I will have to check out the Grocery Store this afternoon to be sure AR is still allowing the sale of PB&J or if it is only now available on the black market…
    -Dana 😉

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