Radical Gay Family Agenda 6/6/11

I’m sorry life is getting in the way of getting my blog out early. I guess I shouldn’t have such a radical gay agenda. There are some things that are more important than spreading my gay views on the unassuming. I had to do things like getting my daughter dressed for school this morning, unloading a moving truck, going to the DMV to get a new plate and tags for my vehicle, going to the tax office and paying taxes (gay dollars) on my vehicle, having a nice lunch with Gregory, grocery shopping, picking up my daughter from school, and dinner while squeezing in a little work. I’m sure my radical gay agenda for the day has been extremely different from most families. There is no way anyone else can get that many things done on a day they visit the DMV. I sweet-talked the lady behind the counter into getting me out within 30 minutes. I know it is hard to believe.

My daughter decided to make me very proud today. She was sent home with a bad behavior note for cutting a hole in her shirt with scissors. Of course she swears the perfectly square hole was a total accident. I guess she will not be using scissors for a while. My daughter claims there is a teacher at her school that can sew the 4 inch square hole shut. Her cute little J. Crew, sequined, sun-glass wearing, doggie T-shirt is toast! How will I ever find another shirt to match her orange sherbet colored crop pants? I guess our radical gay training has caused this little Edward Scissorhands indiscretion. I will try to be a better parent…tomorrow.

Jeff is out-of-town working and surely spreading our radical gay agenda to his colleagues. I’m sure that the next time I have to travel with him and attend the “wives” brunch, there will be at least one less wife. One can only hope our agenda is so strong as to effect such inspirational, open-minded people. Maybe the Southern charm training Jeff has received will make his attempts more successful. Good luck, Honey!


3 responses to “Radical Gay Family Agenda 6/6/11

  1. LOVE IT!

  2. In my first grade pictures I have a spiffy little hair cut that I managed to give myself – bangs about half an inch long. Yes those safety scissors with the round ends can indeed cut hair. You are lucky it was her shirt and not her bangs. PS – unless you want Barbie to get a nice little trim as well keep the scissors up high. My sisters and I even cut each others hair a few times. Memory Lane!

    • We do not allow her to use scissors at home unless we are with her. All our scissors are out of her reach. She is now restricted from using them at school. I hope she never cuts her beautiful hair. We have had talks about that already.

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