Radical Gay Family Agenda 6/5/11

Our path of destruction yesterday was far and wide covering four states. Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, and Georgia will never be the same after experiencing the wrath of our radical gay agenda. Those poor fishermen in the Tuscaloosa Bait & Tackle will have no idea what hit them when they go home to their wives and demand a divorce. It brings me great pleasure to know our agenda is so powerful.

Jeff is home safely with our daughter resting by the pool today after a long hour and a half flight. It must be nice to fly home to be with the angel while leaving Gregory and me to drive the big yellow Penske truck 850 miles. Enjoy your day, honey, we are having a TON of fun behind the wheel of this bouncy, stiff, uncomfortable, hot, banana van!

I can’t wait to see my daughter tonight. I have been talking to her on the phone each day and making sure my mom has been sticking to our radical gay family agenda. She has been getting her oatmeal for breakfast, making her bed and doing chores, having fun, enjoying life, resting and sleeping well each night. How radical!

The journey and path of destruction continues today as we leave Atlanta. We will stop in Columbia, SC today and have lunch. Our lunch break is just an excuse to reach more people with our agenda. I hope to find a few church-goers in seersucker suits to thrust my gayness upon. I will do it with Southern charm as to confuse my target. It will go something like this, “Have a nice day ya’ll. Bless your heart.” Hopefully I will have a nice tall glass of sweet tea to sip right after delivering my line.

I hope to have some successful stories to share on my next blog. Ya’ll come back tomorrow, ya hear.


2 responses to “Radical Gay Family Agenda 6/5/11

  1. Yes, it’s been super tough today, honey. Sigh. I’ve been home with our daughter splashing in the pool for nearly two hours. I think the neighbors on both sides heard our giggling which is undoubtedly causing them to call their divorce attorneys!

    She had us playing all sorts of pretend games in the pool: she’s Wendy, I’m Captain Hook or Peter Pan; she’s Princess Leia and I’m either Darth Vader or Luke Skywalker. Her imagination is something. “The Force is strong with this one.”

    Here’s the REALLY radical part. I’ve been teaching our daughter that the girl can save the boy when the boy is in trouble. It’s amazing how brainwashed TV and school makes her because she says the girl is always saved by the boy. She now understands the power she has as a girl! Yes, Wendy saves Peter Pan! This will cause untold destruction across the land when a girl knows she can be as brave and tough and smart as any boy. Take that America. How dare we have SUCH an agenda!!!

    Tommy driving a 16 foot yellow truck is a frightful vision. Is it EVEN legal for a gay man to drive a 16 foot truck in Mississippi or Alabama. I think not! Drive home safely boys. If you need help, our daughter will save you!

  2. Jennifer Lockett

    Sweet Tea?! Your radical lifestyle never ceases to shock and horrify me…

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