Radical Gay Family Agenda 6/1/11

Last night my daughter was upset because she knew I was leaving today. We spent an hour going through different false ailments, crying, and her getting out of bed. I was finally able to consul her by laying down with her, singing to her, rubbing her back, and stroking her hair. She finally calmed down around 10:00 and drifted off to sleep. She usually does not have any separation anxiety when we travel. I was surprised that she was having such an issue last night. It is very sweet and comforting to know she misses us when we are gone. I was able to sneak a few extra hugs and kisses out of the ordeal.

I was late getting packed and settled last night due to my little drama queen. I am dragging this morning as I schlep through the airports. I have already called my mom to check on the princess to make sure her “fever in her belly” had subsided. She is fine this morning. My mom gets to scrape the Fruity Pebbles from her bowl and endure Dora Explorer today. I do not have to listen to Dora for Four days! Adios, chica! My daughter also gets a break from us for a few days; I’m sure she needs it.

I’m spreading my radical gay agenda through three airports today. There are so many people who will be infected today. I hope the agenda sticks and spreads so we can take out a large number of heterosexual marriages at one time. I just know my extra hugs and kisses from my daughter last night as well as taking care of her “belly fever” was sure to generate some serious destruction.


One response to “Radical Gay Family Agenda 6/1/11

  1. Safe travels … Kids oh how they say the darnedest things…lmao

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