Radical Gay Family Agenda 5/31/11

It has been a busy day, hence the late, short blog entry! My daughter and I had to take my mom to a doctor’s appointment this morning. Thank goodness I have great friends that are doctors; I was able to get my mom taken care of quickly. It is nothing major, so no worries. She is just getting old. (Love you mom) We were able to squeeze in hair cuts before I had to leave to go out-of-town two hours away for a business meeting. My mom and daughter enjoyed the sun and pool today while I was gone. I wish I had a chance to do that, I am in desperate need of a tan.

I am trying to put together a week’s worth of outfits, snacks, and lunch packs for my daughter so my mom will have minimal work to do while we are away. I find it easier to lay everything out and make lists and notes. Maybe it is just my control freak OCD nature? My husband would make that argument. I’m sure they will be fine and have a good time while we are away.

We get to spread some of our radical gay agenda to the great folks in New Orleans the rest of the week. I wonder if the people in the French Quarter have any idea that there are gays across the lavender line on Bourbon Street. I bet they will after this weekend. Never mind the strip clubs, numerous bars, summer-breakers, jealous girlfriends, and testosterone, it will be us gays that wreck the marriages of the classy folks partying in NOLA this week. I hope we are able to knock out at least a few!

I will be spending the night packing as soon as we eat dinner, bathe my daughter, and tuck her into bed. I will miss my little dumpling this weekend and look forward to hearing all her stories of adventures with grandma.


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