Radical Gay Family Agenda 5/30/11

Well, the dance recital is over. The make-up washed off and I survived. My little ballerina was amazing. I am a very proud daddy. As the predominantly straight crowd rose to their feet to applause, I thought of how quickly we were sure to bring them to their knees with our radical gay agenda. Will their demise come from my daughter’s perfectly coiffed bun, her flawless make-up, the packing of snacks, or the bouquet of flowers I lovingly arranged? Surely one of those things will cause at least one divorce.

This morning Jeff flew to New Orleans to start packing up our vacation home to move. Gregory and I will join him Wednesday and finish the process. My husband accidentally (on purpose) rented a 2-seat moving truck. He HAS to fly home because there is no room for him in the truck. Payback will be hell! Gregory….you have not been introduced to Gregory on the blog yet. I have a confession, we have help with my daughter and our life. Prince Gregory would be the correct term according to my daughter. He often takes care of carpool, hauling to dance lessons, styling my daughter’s hair, mowing grass, and many of the chores around the house that Jeff and I do not have time to do. Gregory is a very special part of our family and someone we love very much. It takes a village, people. I’m sure there are many moms and dads out there that will wish they had a Gregory. And, if you saw him, you would wish even harder! Eye candy is always a bonus.

I have to find some things to do to keep my mom and daughter occupied. I think I will let them tag along for a meeting in Myrtle Beach today and drop them off at a park for some exercise. I may take them some place nice for lunch and see if we can cast some gay agenda spells on unassuming patrons. My mom loves to watch me perform my magical gay destruction. If only I had some fairy dust to sprinkle on my victims. I hope the craft store is open this afternoon.

I will have to fight my mom for tuck-in privileges tonight. I have a secret weapon, I know how to sing Edelweiss and my mom does not. Maybe we will share in the duties. Mom can read a book to my daughter and I will sing her to sleep. Either way, we will both delight in our share of hugs and kisses.

Until tomorrow, stay radical and let me know when our radical gay agenda reaches your neighbors. We need to keep a tally on our success.


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