Radical Gay Family Agenda 5/29/11

Today is the day! My daughter’s big dance recital is tonight. I think we are ready. We went out last night and bought flowers to give to all the little girls in my daughter’s dance class. I am spending the morning making little arrangements with giant lollipops, stickers and ribbons. The girls did a great job last night during rehearsal. They looked adorable in their little tutus and sea foam green sequined costumes. I can’t wait to see their final performances. Of course, I think my daughter is the best dancer. I’m sure the other parents think their daughters are the best dancers as well. Maybe we should have a tiny tots dance off. Bust a move!

Grandma is here for a week so we got to sleep in! Who doesn’t love when grandma visits? My daughter has been snacking all morning and playing all the new games her grandma brought her. She is spoiled beyond belief. They played hair-stylist this morning. Grandma looks a fright and my daughter has lopsided pig-tails. I’m glad she didn’t get to my hair or I would probably have all kinds of pink ribbons, hair clips, and gel spikes a’ la Something About Mary this morning. On second thought, that could have been fun! It would be exciting to bust up into the Piggly Wiggly and scare the neighbors. I can hear them now, “Look George, it’s the gays. I told you that one is the woman in the relationship. They are ruining this country with their radical gay agenda.”

I’m off to pack up lunch, snacks, and assorted activities for the recital. We will be there for about four hours today and I have to be sure my little pumpkin is well supplied. I will be the teary-eyed daddy in the audience tonight watching my little lady. I spent the majority of my life thinking I would never have the opportunity to experience the wonders of parenthood. I am truly blessed and proud.

As I sit in the audience with all the unassuming parents tonight, I will think of ways to rip their families apart with our presence. I’m sure that by fluffing my daughter’s tutu just the right way, their marriages are sure to come to a demise.


One response to “Radical Gay Family Agenda 5/29/11

  1. You are amazing ! I too am a PROUD parent of 3 daughters. Your humor that comes out of the Judgement and intolerance and bigotry you are subjected to is a testament to the strength of your family! I am the Proud Mother of LGBT teen who has suffered greatly at the hands of bigots and ppl who want to beat her over the head w/the bible daily, through it all she too has shown courage beyond my greatest expectation! I wish you and your family all the best SC has
    a LONG way to go believe me I know we live in ARKANSAS! Have a wonderful recital! Can’t wait for the next blog!

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