Radical Gay Family Agenda 5/28/11

We had a wonderful radical dinner with some dear friends last night. We discussed our radical gay family agenda with them. I think they realized they have a radical gay agenda too. They have two kids that require devious attention like hugs, kisses, and boo boo repairs. They had no idea how gay their family was until I pointed it out to them last night. Can you believe our children all require the SAME things? The world is sure to go flat with that revelation!

We started our typical Saturday morning dragging ourselves out of our comfortable bed because my daughter HAS to wake up before 7:00am. Dora The Explorer is chattering on about some special path to a “grande casa” while my daughter eats her Fruity Pebbles. Why is it so hard to scrub Fruity Pebbles off a bowl once they have dried? Do other people have to worry about washing dishes or is that just another unique aspect to our radical gay agenda?

Today we take our daughter to full dress rehearsal for her dance recital. We get to spend five hours stuck in an auditorium with little ballerina princesses. I would say I am thrilled to experience such a delight but I am horrified by the thoughts of what my daughter will do in her boredom back-stage. I hope they have plenty of mom chaperones since dads are not allowed back stage. I would start a rant right now about my daughter not having a mom and the unfairness of one of her dads not being able to be with her back-stage, but people might think I feel as if I am not being treated equally. That would seem too radical. I am also horrified by the thoughts of all the glitter that is going to end up on me from the costumes. You know, glitter is the herpes of the craft world; once you get it on you, you can never get rid of it!

My mom comes to town tonight to share in the delight of my daughter’s dance recital. I can’t wait to share our recent accomplishments with her. She will be happy to hear about the extent of our destruction of America.


4 responses to “Radical Gay Family Agenda 5/28/11

  1. I, too, believe in the good old fashioned radical gay agenda or lesbian agenda as it were. My soon to be wife (going to Iowa to get married next month as it is still not legal in my state) and I have two boys. (oh, I just thought of this… I hope we don’t destroy a hetero marriage by getting married as our gay agenda progresses) Keep being radical. : )

  2. Wow… your radical gay family sounds EXACTLY like my (allegedly) non-radical hetero family. I’m sure that’s a sign of apocalypse, or loving our kids, or something horrifying or other. I’ll try to fit in some panic after I bake six dozen cookies.

    Best wishes to you and yours, and I hope the recital goes well.

  3. I knew it!!! And the clue was the Fruity Pebbles. You have infiltrated my marriage through your cereal! My husband’s Frosted Mini Wheats turn to cement when they dry – and I have to scrub the damn things out of the bowl and sink! And all it took was having dinner with you – and you found a way, damn it all! Well, come to think of it, maybe life would be simpler living with a woman and my two boys….I could have help with the dishes and my boys could aspire to become good little gay apprentices who know how to rinse out a bowl……
    OUTSTANDING! FABULOUS! I love your blog. And I love you!

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