Radical Gay Family Agenda 5/26/11

Our radical gay family agenda is pretty intense today. My daughter is having breakfast and will be getting dressed for school soon. Jeff is packing her PB&J lunch and I have picked out a really cute little pink and orange number for her to showcase today. Before too long I will have to teach her how to work the runway. You Better Work!

I have a ton of work to complete today before a meeting with an illustrator and graphic designer that may be working with me on a series of children’s books I have been writing. I hope all goes well and that we are able to collaborate and get the books published before next year. The books teach about diversity, inclusion, and acceptance. I know these topics are very radical but I am going to press the issue as part of my gay agenda.

Jeff has a lot of work to do to catch up for the days he missed earlier this week. Those lottery tickets we bought did not seem to bring us a huge fortune, so I guess-work continues. Somebody please send me a psychic!

This afternoon is the end-of-school-year pool party. I hope to goodness I can hold my gut in long enough to look good while my shirt is off. I can’t let my fans down. I will keep a large towel close at hand in case I need to take a deep breath. We will be grilling hot dogs (all beef Kosher, if you must know) and watching all the children swim and play. I love the sense of community my daughter’s school has brought us. If only the parents knew our evil plan to ruin their lives. Funny how they seem to cherish us as much as we do them. This radical spell must be working.


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