Radical Gay Family Agenda 5/22/11

We started off the day with the usual breakfast. I took my daughter to a play date with one of her friends from school. It is really nice being able to interact with other families. We had a nice time. I hope all the running and playing will result in a nap this afternoon for my daughter. It is always a bonus to have an hour or two in the afternoon to do fun things like laundry and dishes in silence. Bring on the Tide and Downy!

I just prepared a PB&J sandwich, fresh fruit, carrots, and a juice box for the play demon. She is wired today! I think I will put her on the sofa to watch a movie so I can get a little work done before I have to go to a hair and make-up training class for her dance recital. By the way, we learned a lesson yesterday. DO NOT let your 4-year-old watch The Brady Bunch Movie. She stuck out her tongue yesterday when Jeff got ready to give her a kiss. When we asked what she was doing she replied, “It’s called a French kiss. Marsha did it in the movie”. We were both shocked and horrified. Amazing how they pick up on things like that. We had a quick lesson about kissing and came to an agreement that she would never try to kiss anyone until she was 30. My goodness! We learned a lesson as well.

Jeff is mowing grass and repairing lawn sprinklers. I’m so glad that he discovered today that the riding lawnmower is fun. Maybe I can shrink his honey-do list if he chooses to mow without my nagging. Chances are slim, but it’s fun to dream!

The diet is back in full force. We were a little bad with our menu choices over the weekend. The reigns are being pulled tight so we can have bikini bodies for Europe this summer; not because we want to wear bikinis but because it is a gay man’s dress code, right? Of course I’m kidding. No one wants to see Jeff or me in a bikini! We have to be careful not to scare the children.

I am working on the radical gay agenda for this coming week. There are so many marriages to destroy and so little time. With all the ballet practices and lunch-bagging, I barely have time to consider ways to undermine my neighbor’s values, but I WILL find a way!


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