Radical Gay Family Agenda 5/21/11

It is the day of rapture and all those people are still here. What a shocker. What a disappointment.

We had a really nice family dinner last night. My daughter kept us all entertained with examples of her radical gay training. She read three books to us, demonstrated her ballet routine, wrote a note to her grandma and signed her name beautifully, used her manners at dinner, and shared loving hugs and kisses with everyone. How despicable! It is always nice having the grandparents and special friends visit. We are very fortunate to have the ability to build special memories with them. There are many of us who have parents that are not involved in our lives. They are missing some really special times. I guess radical gay family agendas like ours is just too much for them to bare. It would be so horrible for them to enjoy the love of an innocent 4-year-old little girl and the like. Maybe now that the rapture has passed them up they might get their heads out of their butts and their noses out of their bibles and try to enjoy the REAL pleasures in life, FAMILY! (Rant over)

I got to sleep in today; hence, the late blog post. My daughter had her breakfast and has been watching “The Brady Bunch Movie” for the 18th time. Marsha, Marsha, Marsha! Maybe I have seen it a few too many times now, I am starting to consider adding a nice pair of plaid polyester bell-bottoms to my wardrobe. We are all getting dressed and plan on having a family day in historic Georgetown, SC for the Harborwalk Festival. We are looking forward to seeing the pirates and hoping they will be able to share some radical advice for pillaging sacred marriages of coastal couples. Arrrgh!

I look forward to a nice dinner out with the family tonight. We can’t wait to display our radical gay agenda publicly and watch the rapture-less people scatter. This is going to be fun!


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