Radical Gay Family Agenda 5/20/11

There is no school today, so I am pulling out all the tricks to keep my 4-year-old daughter occupied. I have so much respect for her teachers. I don’t know how they keep up with a class full of this much energy. The morning started as usual with Jeff preparing her breakfast. Oatmeal, a banana, and soy milk was on the menu this morning. When Jeff was ready to leave for work, I took over. It wasn’t like I had a choice; she was running through the house yelling and slamming doors. Good morning! For those of you who have no children, I’m jealous of your sleep.

My daughter has started reading. We are working with her in conjunction with her teachers to read her Bob books. She is doing such a great job. She read four books this morning. Did you know that “Sam sat”. Good for Sam! I’m sure there must be something crazy about teaching a 4-year-old to read. You know, since we gay people know nothing about raising children, it must be a miracle that she even breathes.

We have some puzzles, coloring books, and crayons to stay occupied today. If all else fails, we will trot over to a park. We will be cooking dinner for grandma and papa this afternoon as well. My daughter is so excited to see her grandparents. I hope the world will be safe this evening with three generations of radicals coming together in one space. If the rapture does happen tomorrow, I’m sure we will be the blame. Run to confession while you still have time.


One response to “Radical Gay Family Agenda 5/20/11

  1. Be warned, Tennessee passed the “Don’t say gay” bill. Many people believe that will set a ripple affect for companies to start whining that having different policies in different states is just too “taxing” on them and use Tennessee to set this new hateful trend. I’m just sick to my stomach.


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