Radical Gay Family Agenda 5/19/11

We started the day with a parent/teacher conference with our daughter’s teacher. Our radical agenda is working! She is smart, right on track for her age, is friends with all the other classmates, stubborn, and normal. The only thing that is distinct about her is her loving nature and manipulation skills. My girl knows how to get what she wants with lots of eyelash batting and “pretty pleasing”. She definitely learns those traits from her daddy! I’m very proud of her. It was also noted that she was one of the best dressed kids in her class. Score!

There is no school today so my daughter is off with our special friends spending the day being spoiled. There is no telling what she will come home with today, I just hope it is not something that makes lots of noise. Why do some people insist on buying things for our children that are obnoxious? My single friends think it is so funny to buy things like drum sets, symbols, tambourines, and those darn monkeys that clap, clap, clap you into a frenzy! My daughter is growing up thinking batteries only last 10 minutes. Daddy’s nerves can’t handle it. Mean?

I have some work to do before a orthodontist appointment this afternoon. Jeff is busy at work. I think we have a play-date lined up for this afternoon with a couple of my daughter’s little friends. They plan to come over and go swimming. Their mom is on to our agenda and is trying to do her best to be our friend before we ruin her family. Keep your friends close and your enemies closer, right?

A very special friend is here visiting and we plan to make a nice dinner and have some radical conversations about the world ending this weekend. I can’t help but feel responsible for the rapture, after all, our radical gay family agenda must be the culprit. It will be interesting to see who is left for us to destroy after Saturday. Surely all the “pure” people that we typically target will be gone. One can only hope.


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