Radical Gay Family Agenda 5/17/11

Last night I had the pleasure of taking my sweet grandma (Ma) to dinner. Over the last 5 years, my grandmother has been in and out of ICU, had a stint in a nursing home, and has even been told she only had a few days left to live. Remarkably, she is still kicking! I called her and let her know I was in town and wanted to take her to dinner. She was thrilled by my invitation. She wanted to go to Hot Dog World, her favorite place, but I suggested we go somewhere a little nicer. Ma is not very fancy, so Outback was the top of the list for her. It was a challenge coordinating efforts to get her out since she is wheelchair bound but we made due. We had the BEST conversation. We even joked about her coming to visit me at the beach. I suggested we find her a nice string bikini and flop her down on the beach. She hooted! As I cut her Victoria’s Filet into small pieces, I got a little choked up thinking about all the times she cut my food up for me as a toddler. It is really interesting how life comes full circle with needs and care.

Today I am working a food show in Asheville, NC, my hometown. Every time I come back to my area of birth, I think of all the wonderful lessons I have learned from my family. Those lessons are being instilled in my daughter. We teach compassion, respect, love, manners, and empathy just like my sweet Ma taught me. I’m sure these lessons must be what the politicians and religious leaders consider our radical gay agenda. These things are sure to destroy the world. On second thought, maybe THEY should take a lesson from Ma.

My daughter is in school today. She has to miss her piano lessons since I am out of town. I guess her Lady GaGa aspirations will have to wait until next week. I can’t wait to get home tonight to my family. I hope I get there in time to get my hugs and kisses from my little angel.

As I work today, I will take a list of leads for business. These people have no idea of my radical gay agenda….I’m sure their marriages will slowly come to an end just by being in my presence. They are doomed!


4 responses to “Radical Gay Family Agenda 5/17/11

  1. I’m so glad you had a special time with Ma, Tommy. I love her dearly as well. Carrigan adores her. She has been so kind and accepting of me (and us), from the first day I met her which is remarkable considering how religious she is. I feel like she’s my grandma. She’s learned the long forgotten key secrets of the bible – we are on this earth to love each other and “judge not”. Those secrets have been trashed by judgmental so-called religious leaders and politicians who want to gain power over us by dividing us with our differences. They’d rather obsess about archaic passages in Leviticus (while conveniently ignoring others like not eating shrimp or most of the teachings of Jesus). How wonderfully radical is your sweet grandma! How lucky we are to have her in our radical lives!

  2. Oh my! You made me smile and laugh out loud reading your blog, the Radical Gay Family Agenda. Just one of my favorites was reading the line about your daughter being the best dressed in class. 🙂 The one that made my eyes well up was reading how you choked up while cutting your grandmom’s (Ma) filet into pieces like she used to do for you as a toddler. I’m so glad that we have more than a few of us out here living our radical gay family agenda lives. Thank you for giving me a smile today when I needed one.

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