Radical Gay Family Agenda 5/16/11

After a few delays in my flights from Dallas, I finally got home to my family at midnight last night. I was very sad not to be home early enough to kiss my little angel goodnight. I did crack her door open and peek in on her. There is something extremely comforting and special about watching your child sleep. I can only imagine what precious dreams she must be having. She has no cares in the world. She has no idea that there is a portion of our society that wants to take her sweet dreams away from her. There really are boogie-men that come in the form of politicians, religious leaders, and closed-minded people. Her daddies are doing all they can to protect her from the evil. Super Powers, activate! Form of a Gay Radical!

Today my little angel woke up to a stuffed Texas Armadillo! It was the only toy I could find in the airport! Before I left Dallas yesterday, she said to me on the phone, “I have been a good girl, Daddy, will you please bring me a surprise?” I looked in the gift shop just before boarding and it was either an armadillo or a big pink cowgirl hat. With my ‘one carry on bag and one personal bag’ I did not have room to juggle a big hat. I sure wasn’t going to put that thing on my head. However, in hind-sight, that could have been a fun conversation starter leaving the state of Bush. I can hear it now, “look at that thing in the pink hat.” Scandalous!

I got my fill of hugs and kisses this morning. My daughter ran to me with open arms, and yelled, “Daddy, Daddy, Daddy, you are home…I missed you so much!” Who could ask for anything better.

Lunch is packed and she is getting dressed for school. She is looking really cute today, as usual. I am getting ready to hit the road for work for two days and Jeff is off to work as well. One of our close friends will be taking her to dance rehearsal today. We don’t want her to miss a practice because her recital is coming up at the end of the month and her plie’ looks more like a potty squat.

I have a five-hour drive today which gives me plenty of time to devise plans to destroy the marriage of some strangers in Arizona. They are doomed!


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