Radical Gay Family Agenda 5/14/11

I am in Dallas and missing my family. I especially missed my daughter’s goodnight kiss and hugs last night. I also missed our usual dinner conversation about our day. Jeff and I make it a rule that the family sit together for dinner each night with the television off so we can have a conversation. Imagine that, a family that actually speaks to each other! We feel it is very important radical training to review our day at the dinner table and communicate as a family.  We don’t want to miss one detail of our child’s life. I especially love the stories she tells of being a good girl all day at school even though I had already received emails from her teacher stating she had to sit on the Time Out bench for not listening. She is always amazed how daddy magically finds out these things. Thankfully it is rare and thankfully she has a radical teacher.

I love seeing my daughter blossom and flourish as a young lady. She is learning so many new and exciting things. I hope parents will take some radical advice from me; slow down, listen, and appreciate all the small things your child wants to show you. Sharing in their minor accomplishments will help mold them into more independent and secure little beings. For example, my daughter learned to tie her shoes a few weeks ago and now we get to watch her tie and untie her shoes, over and over again (even when we are late for school and she is trying to get the perfect “bunny-eared” double knot). We wait as patiently as possible and praise her efforts.

I did get to talk to my daughter on the phone before Jeff tucked her in to bed. She told me about her day at school and let me know how much she missed me. She sounded so adult when she asked, “So, how is Dallas? Are your meetings tiring?” What does a 4 year-old know about tiring? I wish I had half the energy she does. But, yes, I am tired and it’s well worth it.

I continue my meetings today in Dallas with the “Super Radicals”. I can’t wait to learn more maneuvers to defy the sanctity of marriage and destroy America.


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