Share your “radical” family agenda!

Is your family part of the “Radical Gay Agenda”? If so, leave a comment detailing your family’s agenda for the day and I may post it on the blog. We need the world to know just how similar, boring, and typical OUR families are to THEIRS.

*As a rule, for their protection, I suggest leaving the names of your children off the blog. I will include your children’s names if you type them in your agenda. Please note that I may edit your comments.

Thanks, and be “Radical”!


2 responses to “Share your “radical” family agenda!

  1. Hello my friends,

    I figured I would post to you since you are a subscriber to my journal and tell you a few things.
    1.) I love your blog and read it everyday. I don’t comment much but please know I love what your doing and I enjoy the read.
    2.) I recently got into a debate with a man name Jeremy Clifford, the Word Guru. That debate has wrapped up but I thought you may find it of interest.

    God Bless you and your family Gentlemen,


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