Radical Gay Family Agenda 5/12/11

Last night I had an hour-long conference call with a national organization for which I serve on the board. I am standing up for LGBT families in hopes of changing hearts and minds to bring change to laws and discrimination. You know, my primary goal for national service is to franchise my radical gay family agenda to the masses! Go big or go home, right? Look out world!

I baked cookies for my daughter to take to school for her class. I hope I got it right. They are gluten-free, peanut free, dairy free, and egg free. I have no idea exactly what they are made of but we are going to call them sugar cookies. My daughter has severe allergies which makes special snacks a challenge. She is allergic to dairy, eggs, and tree nuts. We had to stop going out for ice cream and enjoying my favorite chocolate chip mint because she would stare me down with longing in her eyes. Cruel? Why should I be denied my ice cream just because she is allergic? She gets a cracker when we go so it’s not like she gets nothing.

I’m leaving for work very early this morning, so I have my fingers crossed that Jeff will at least make sure our daughter is wearing a clean pair of panties. (she has been known to remove them before dressing without telling us) Makes for fun conversation on the playground, I hear. Hopefully he will run a brush through her hair and make sure her shoes and socks match. He is not as fussy over these things as I am. It’s hard to uphold the standards for which we are known, with lackluster outfits and fly-away hair. Who will we reach with our radical agenda if we do not stand out?

I have a full day of work before lining up for carpool. I will do my best to get dinner on the table and pack for a weekend trip to Dallas before I head out to a meeting for another non-profit organization for which I serve on their Board. I am working hard to find unique ways to raise money for people in desperate need of healthcare and medications for HIV/AIDS. I take my volunteer work very seriously and like to try to do my part to help support the community and my fellow citizens. Focusing my time on people in need must be the MOST radical thing I do since so many politicians and religious leaders seem to avoid that area. Instead, they focus on hurting families like mine by trying to tell me who I can love and marry and denying me the right to adopt a child in need of a loving family. I will remain radical in my views and help my community members, even if they do not have the same beliefs as I do. In my eyes, we are ALL equal unless we are RADICAL.


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