Radical Gay Family Agenda 5/11/11

We had a really nice dinner last night with another “radical gay family”. Two moms and three children make up their beautiful family. As each of our children placed their orders, the waitress had a very pleasant smile on her face from their manners. One by one, all four of our children said, “I would like a hamburger and fries, please”. They followed with a “thank you”. They sat quietly at one end of the table together and drew pictures and talked about their day at school. This “radical” training is really paying off. I could see the fabric of America slowly fraying just from their presence. All the parents sat at the other end of the table and had a great adult conversation. I can’t share the subject matter from the conversation but can assure you it will lead to the destruction of America in some way.

My daughter was a bit sluggish getting dressed this morning. She was rudely awakened from the bad storms we had last night. I had to turn off Toot and Puddle, take her Fruit Loops from her hand and help her dress. She mumbled something that sounded like, “daddy I don’t want to”. But I know a 4 year-old would never say something like that. Of course, the day we are running behind schedule, her school is having group photos. I had visions of a cute little hairstyle for her today but that never happened. I brushed out her frizz, threw a clip in her hair, and sent her on her way. She does not look like a gay man’s child in the outfit they required her to wear for the photos. I had to send her to school in blue jeans, a white T-shirt, and tennis shoes. Her J. Crew jeggings, sequined shirt, summer shrug, silver ballet slippers, and marabou hair clip would have been a much better choice. I hope they put her in the back row of the group shot!

Jeff and I both have a full day of work ahead of us. We are also on a diet which makes for lovely mood swings. I have the daunting task of ridding the pantry of sweets and candy today. My case of Thin Mint Girl Scout cookies is heading out the door. Well, half the case is, the other has already been eaten (hence the diet). I have a severe sweet tooth. There is a ton of candy in this house that I have to get rid of. We only allow our daughter to have candy when she has been a good girl all day. At the rate she is going, her Easter basket will last until Christmas! I guess I will go ahead and toss what is left from it since I have already devoured the good stuff. I really loved the milk chocolate covered Peeps the Easter Bunny discovered this year!

I will be cooking grilled chicken and steamed green beans for dinner…again. We will have to compensate for the bland dinner with wicked conversations about destroying the marriage of those people in South Dakota we have never met.


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