Radical Gay Family Agenda 5/9/11

This morning I had to get molds made of my teeth for whitening trays. It’s a conspiracy agenda…we whiten our teeth in hopes of blinding heterosexuals with our smile. My code name is Mr. Gleem.

I get to do one of my least favorite things today due to my daughter’s careless placement of spaghetti sauce on her leotard. I have to brave the rigors of shopping at Walmart! The hair just stood up on the back of my neck. Wish me luck as I wade through the cheap plastic furniture and Made In China trinkets to search for a new dance outfit.

The rush will be on this afternoon as I try to get her new leotard and tights washed before lining up for carpool and heading to dance class. Dinner will be fast food this evening in order to save time for more planning for tomorrow’s destruction of the sanctity of marriage.


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