Radical Gay Family Agenda 5/7/11

I got to sleep in late today, a luxury for us parents. No oatmeal to be made, no child to dress, no lunch to pack, and no freakin’ Dora The Explorer! My daughter is having a great time with one of her favorite friends this weekend. I’m sure they are planning to go have manicures and pedicures at some point today. All that gay training makes her prissy. She always gets spoiled when she stays with her friend. I can’t wait to talk to her later and hear about her day. I hope she picks passion pink and not some bright red color for her nails. I miss her every minute.

I get to spend a relaxing day shopping in Atlanta. I rarely shop for myself. My daughter is my priority and my shopping adventures are usually to look for the latest Hello Kitty dresses and stylish shoes for her. I can’t believe how quickly she grows. I try to make sure she is a fashion diva. After all, that IS what radical gay families do! We destroy families from within by dressing our children better than others and sending their classmates home crying to their momma that they are not good enough.

We may visit with some friends and enjoy a nice quiet dinner later. A night on the town is in order for this evening since we rarely get to go out. Beware, midtown Atlanta, there are gay people here to take over your neighborhood!


4 responses to “Radical Gay Family Agenda 5/7/11

  1. I look forward to a great day with you too my radical husband. After all, we are the only gays in the village of Midtown Atlanta, right? Let’s go improve the economy with our gay dollars!

  2. “A day in the life of a family” would serve just as well.

    • Politicians and religious leaders are always saying we have a “radical gay agenda”. My blog shows the irony of that misleading label with a bit of sarcasm. But, I agree with you, this is just a day in the life of a family.

  3. Oops. I missed the sarcasm. That’s what I get for posting a reply after reading only one of your blog entries.

    Yours is obviously a loving family, you have many things to be thankful for. Don’t worry too much about the dissenters, don’t let their agenda get in the way of your family’s happiness. 🙂

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