Radical Gay Family Agenda 5/6/11

Unable to sleep due to excitement over my trip to Atlanta in the morning to see Kylie Minogue. I have a secret meeting lined up with the gay mafia after the concert that could get interesting. You know we always share secrets about destroying marriage and finding ways to corrupt citizens with our gayness. As I lay awake I wonder if I packed enough panties and socks and allergy medicine for my daughter’s weekend getaway with one of our favorite adults. We have issues allowing anyone under the age of 40 taking care of our daughter. Overprotective…maybe so. With my constant worry, it brings me comfort to know she is with someone responsible.

The additional insomnia comes from the guilt I feel for missing the school field day tomorrow. To this point, we have never missed a function at her school. I have already talked to one of the moms at the school and asked that she cheer our girl on during the activities so she will feel represented. I can’t wait to see what kind of awards she wins. I’m sure some religious leaders would trump my guilt with accusations of neglect.

I will drive to Atlanta checking in several times to make sure she is OK. We always have a conversation before bed so we can sing her favorite song, say I love you, and blow kisses into the phone. Once I am comfortable she is down to sleep, I plan to give myself to the music of Kylie and dive in.


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